Adobe after effects introduction and how to Start

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe after effects cc is a software to compose or prepare video from scratch to advanced level and for the editing of videos. In this article, i will show what exactly you can find in after effects software. When you open the software you can see the interface of the software. In the image below you can see workspace and different panels. Panels change according to the workspace. Like in this image you can see standard workspace is active. There are different workspaces and these are.

  • Essentials
  • Standard
  • Small Screen
  • Libraries
  • All Panels
  • Animation
  • Effects

In standard workspace, you can see some panels are active and these are

  • Project
  • Effects Control
  • Composition
  • Footage
  • Info
  • Audio
  • Effects & Presets
  • Libraries
  • Paragraph
  • Align
adobe after effects panels

In top menu section you can see window option, if you click there you will find all panels so you can show or hide panels according to your requirements from there.

after effects window option

How to start a new Composition

You can click on composition option in the menu and then click New composition. Or you can direct press Ctrl + N in windows or Command + N in mac. Now you will find a window like this.

after effects new composition

Now in composition name, you can type the name of composition like “My First Composition”. In Preset there are different presets as I selected HDTV 1080 25. It means this is high definition video composition with 1920px width and 1080px height and 25 frames per second. Pixel aspect ratio in beginning no need to change. The resolution should be full for a professional result. Start timecode should be 0:00:00:00. The duration you can define according to your requirements, as you can see I defined 0:00:05:00. This first 0 is hours, second is minutes, third are second and the last one frames. Background color you can select any color I selected white color. Remember these settings can change anytime. Just click on Ok and you can find now composition panel just like this.

after effects composition panel

I hope you have done all things as I explained. Perfect. Now in next lesson, I will show you some keyboard shortcut keys which we use often and how to import files in adobe after effects and which files or extensions are compatible with adobe after effects.

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