Adobe Photoshop Interface and how to Start

What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a software which you can use as a

  • Graphic Designer
  • 3D Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Video Editor

You can design brochures, leaflets, flyers, business card in Photoshop. You can edit images in the software also. You can design 3d graphic text and images. You can design first a mockup or template in Photoshop then it can convert into a running HTML, CSS and Bootstrap website. You can also create animations from scratch to advanced level in Adobe Photoshop. You can also edit video in this software.

Create a New Document

You can create a new document by click on create new or just click on file and then New or you can also use CTRL + N on your keyboard to make a new document. A new pop up panel will appear Where you can see some options like

  • Recent
  • Saved
  • Photo
  • Print
  • Art & Illustration
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Film & Video

In recent, you can see your recent documents. In saved you can see what you have saved. In Photo, you can see default photoshop size and some more dimensions. In print, you can see A3, A4, A5, A6 and some more dimensions. In art & Illustration, you can see some illustration dimensions. In the web, according to the websites and blogs, you can see different dimensions. In mobile, you can also see some dimensions according to the mobile devices like Iphone6, Iphone6 plus, iPad and other devices dimensions. In film & video according to the HDTV dimensions you can select any document. For instance, if we start with default photoshop size then click on the photo and select default photoshop size document.

Preset Details

In the right side, you can see Preset Details panel where you can type the name of the document. You can also see width and height of the document. Orientation you can select portrait or landscape. Resolution from 72 up to 300 you can select. Color mode you can select like

RGB (Red, Green, and Blue)

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key)

Background contents you can select the white color, any other color or transparent. Just click on create now. You can see photoshop with new document now.

Adobe Photoshop Interface

On the left side, you can see these are tools. On top there is menu section, after menu, we have options panel and options change according to the tool. For example, if move tool is selected so options will be according to the tool. On the right side, we have different panels like

  • Color
  • Swatches
  • Properties
  • Adjustments
  • Layers
  • Channels
  • Paths

On the top right side, we can see different workspace like

  • Essentials
  • 3D
  • Graphic and Web
  • Motion
  • Painting
  • Photography

When you select any workspace it changes the panels. For example, if you select 3D workspace now you can see 3d panel will also appear.

Show or Hide Panels

If you want to enable, disable or show, hide the panels you can click on the window option in the menu and then select any panel.

Some Keyboard Shortcut Keys

We use often some keyboard shortcut keys during our work. Let me explain about them. For

  • Zoom in (Ctrl + +)
  • Zoom out (Ctrl + – )
  • Fit in Window (Ctrl + 0)
  • 100% (Ctrl + 1)
  • Rulers (Ctrl + R)
  • Full Screen (F)

Smart Guides

Smart guides always should be enabled when you are using adobe photoshop cc. You can click view option in the menu then select Show — Smart Guides. In next lessons, you will come to know why smart guides are really important for a professional work.

Open Image

How to open the image in adobe photoshop cc. Just click on the file menu and then open or just press Ctrl + O on your keyboard. Then you can select any image from your computer it will open in the software.

Place Image

For instance, if you have created a new document with any dimension now you want to place an image instead of open. Because when you use open feature adobe photoshop opens the image in new tab. So to place the image just click on the file menu and then use Placed Embedded or Place Linked for this purpose. You can see image will place in the same document.

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