Working with Comments or Discussions in WordPress

Comments Section in Wordpress After pages section, we can see the next section is Comments Click on comments you can see there is one comment in Hello World post if you have installed a fresh Wordpress, but if you have a running old website you can see more comments. There are total five [...]

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Pages section and Create a New page in WordPress

Pages Section in Wordpress After the media, you can see next section is pages section on our Wordpress dashboard. When you move your mouse cursor on pages you can see two more options appear and these are All Pages Add New For instance, if you have installed a fresh Wordpress on your computer using [...]

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Posts Section and How to Create a New Post in WordPress

Posts Section After updates you can see there is posts section just click on posts and very first time you can see there is a post with the name "Hello World". Actually when you install WordPress, by default Wordpress make this post also. When you move your mouse cursor on the title of [...]

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How to check Recent Updates for WordPress

Wordpress Updates After home dashboard, you can see updates on the left side options. If you click updates you can see this First, it shows when last checked it will show you the date. So if there is an update available you should update. Here you can see You have the latest [...]

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