Define the WordPress theme folder in Adobe Dreamweaver CC

WordPress theme development is very important for modern WordPress developers. Because now most companies ask developers to design a new theme for the website from scratch instead of using another theme. If you want to develop a WordPress theme from scratch then these three languages you should learn first and these are

You should also learn Adobe Dreamweaver CC because this software is very professional for website designing. Once you have installed WordPress on your computer using XAMPP server. Then first open the XAMPP control panel and start Apache and MySQL so it should look like this.

Now open your WordPress website using this URL (localhost/wordpress/wp-admin). Now open XAMPP folder then open the htdocs folder and then open WordPress folder. Inside the WordPress folder open wp-content, then themes and now in this folder create a blank folder and type small letters. Like the name of the theme, you can select mytheme.  Now open your WordPress dashboard, on the left side select appearance then click Themes. Where you can see three themes and one more theme in bottom but it’s broken theme.

Because this is a blank theme. So we need index.php and style.css for this theme. These files are required in WordPress theme. So now we will define this folder in Adobe Dreamweaver CC. Open Dreamweaver now in the menu click site option and then select New Site, a new window will appear. Now select Site Name and also select the local site folder, so the setting should be like this.

Now on the left side, you can see Server option, click on this and then click on the + icon and then the settings should be like this.

Then click on the Advanced option and select PHP MySQL in the Server Model option. Dreamweaver will consider this as a remote server so you will click on the Testing option. Now you can click on save button. Then click file and new, then select PHP new document and click on create button. Then save this file as index.php. Then again click on file and new, this time select CSS as document type and then save this file as style.css, remember CSS file name should be style.css. Now open your WordPress dashboard and then open themes option in the appearance section. Now you can see it’s not a broken theme and you can activate this blank theme on your WordPress website.

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