Download Bootstrap and define folder in Dreamweaver CC

Bootstrap is a HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework. Which allows you to design professional themes and templates from scratch to advanced level. In this post let me show you, how you can download bootstrap from the official website of bootstrap and then how you can define the folder in Adobe Dreamweaver cc. 


This is the official website of Bootstrap. Now you can see two buttons on the home page and these are.

  • Get Started
  • Download

Download bootstrap with different methods

Click on download button, a new page will open. In this page, you can see there are different methods you can use to start bootstrap like

  • Compiled CSS and JS
  • Source Files
  • BootstrapCDN
  • Package Managers
  • npm
  • RubyGems
  • Composer
  • NuGet

Compiled CSS and JS

We will use the first method which is Compiled CSS and JS. Click on download button and a zip file will start downloading. Now extract this zip file in your computer and you can see a new folder with the same name. If you open this folder, inside this folder we have two more folders which are css and js folders. In these two folders, we have different files.  

Now create a folder in your desktop or in any drive of your computer and rename this folder to “Bootstrap Theme Development”. This is not mandatory (rename of the folder) and even you can select any name. Now create two more folders in this folder and apply css and js names to these folders. Now open css folder which we have in the bootstrap folder and just copy the bootstrap.css file and paste in the other css folder and same open js folder which we have in the bootstrap and copy the bootstrap.js file and move this to another js folder. 

Define folder in Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Now open Adobe Dreamweaver CC and then click on site in the menu options and then select the new site. Now type the name of the website and second step select the folder of “Bootstrap theme development” as a local folder for your website. 

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