Healing Brush tool in Photoshop

How to use Healing Brush tool in Photoshop

After spot healing brush tool the next tool is healing brush tool. Healing brush tool and clone stamp tool in Adobe Photoshop both are almost same. You can create the duplicate object or you can remove object also with this tool. Open an image in the software then press and hold Alt key on your keyboard and define any place, for instance, if you want to make duplicate then click on any edge of the object now move to another part of the image and drag. You can see this image will start creating the duplicate of the object. You can see a plus + icon also on the object from where it’s creating the duplicate. Tool size you can increase or decrease by using curly brackets { }. In options you can see mode is by default normal but later you can change it also. In the source, there are two options and these are

  • Sampled
  • Pattern

By default, if you want to make duplicate then use sampled but if you click pattern now pattern also you can use with this tool. In beginning Aligned should be unchecked. In the options, you can see sample select the current layer.

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