How to setup Site folder in Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is the best software to create a professional website. You can create your website offline in Dreamweaver without the domain and hosting, once you complete your website than you can publish it. But you can also configure your remote server and you can edit the website online. Here in this article I will show you the steps how you can setup the site folder in Adobe Dreamweaver. Open the Dreamweaver and click on the Site option in the menu and than click New Site.

new site dreamweaver

The site setup box will appear something like this.

site setup adobe dreamweaver

Now create a folder in your computer, you can create in the desktop or in any other drive of your computer. As I have created a folder in my desktop and the name of my folder is “My First Website”.

Now in the site name just put your site name, If you are going to create your personal portfolio website you can type your own name. If you are going to create a website for a company or client, you can type the name of that company. In the local site folder select the folder that you just created and click on save. Your site setup will look like this.

my first website site setup

Umair Butt

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