How to Use Adobe After Effects Basics Tools in Beginning

Use of Basics tools in Adobe After Effects

In the previous lecture, I explained about adobe after effects keyboard shortcut keys. In this lesson let me explain about some beginning basics tools. These tools are easy to learn and use is also very simple. You can see tools on the top left side of the software after menu options. First of all, check the names of tools which we are going to discuss. I have mentioned keyboard shortcut keys also with the names of tools (in brackets).

  • Selection tool (V)
  • Hand tool (H)
  • Zoom tool (Z)
  • Rotation tool (W)
  • Pan Behind (Anchor Point) tool (Y)
after effects tools

Selection Tool

The Very first tool of adobe after effects is selection tool. This tool can use to select, move, delete or resize the objects. For example, if you import an image in adobe after effects. To import the image you can use CTRL + I keyboard shortcut key. The image will appear in the project panel. Then drag and drop the image from project panel to composition.  Then move the object and place it anywhere with the selection tool. You can see transform control also with the image. If you want to resize the image then press and hold shift and change the size of the image. Remember if you press and hold shift and then change the size it will work perfect, the image size will change proportionally.

Hand Tool

Using hand tool in adobe after effects you can move the composition panel. Whenever you use to zoom in, then you can use this tool to move the composition. If you are using any tool just press and hold spacebar on your keyboard, hand tool will active then also you can move the composition.

Rotation Tool

If you want to rotate an object, then select rotation tool and rotate the object from transform controls.

Pan Behind (Anchor Point) Tool

When you select any object you can see a point in the center of the object that point is called anchor point. So if you want to change the position of that anchor point then select Pan Behind (Anchor Point) tool and change the position of the anchor point. Then if you rotate the object using rotation tool you can see object will rotate according to the anchor point or you can say around the anchor point.

Check this video also for more information

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