How to use Snippets Panel in Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Snippets Panel in Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Definitely, the code is my passion and here on this website, I am teaching how you can use coding to build your website. Remember one thing that professional developers don’t memorize every code but at least you learn the feature of every code. If you have code in any other file you can copy and paste in Adobe Dreamweaver. But now in Adobe Dreamweaver, you can use snippets panel where you can see some default snippets and you can also make your own snippets which you can use in future. Default snippets are

  • Bootstrap_Snippets
  • CSS_Animation_Transitions
  • CSS_Effects
  • CSS_Snippets
  • HTML_Snippets
  • JavaScript
  • PHP_Snippets
  • Preprocessor_Snippets
  • Responsive_Design_Snippets

Snippets Panel

On the left side, you can see this snippets panel, if you can’t see the snippets panel then go to window option in the menu and then click snippets or simple press Shift + F9. Now in every section, we have more sections like in bootstrap snippets we can see bootstrap components code. In CSS we have CSS effects and same in other sections. If you click HTML_Snippets then you can see more options, definitely, we can’t discuss all of them in this single article. Here I am just explaining that how easily you can add the code to your website. When you click on HTML_Snippets then the third option is “Add Lorem Ipsum” and in the description, you can read “Quickly add some dummy text”. So when you double-click on this option it will automatically add lorem ipsum dummy text in your website. Like you can see I have added here.

Create your Own Snippet in Snippet Panel

Right-click in the snippet panel and then click New Folder and then type the name of your snippet folder. For instance, if you want to add WordPress PHP codes which you will able to use then type the name of your snippet folder “WordPress Snippets”. Then right-click on this folder and click New Snippet. Then this window will appear.

Then type the name of the snippet, descript of the snippet and then insert code. Trigger key is not mandatory.

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