HTML Paragraphs

HTML Paragraphs

Paragraphs is most important part of your content. You are making a blog or a website definitely for your news and articles paragraphs are mandatory. In this tutorial you can learn how we can create html paragraphs.


<p>I have 10 years professional experience in Web Designing, Web Development, Graphics Designing, Video Editing, Video Composition, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Media Marketing and Mobile Application Development</p>

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If you create a html paragraph with some white spaces, browsers will not show space. For instance if you create 10 spaces browsers will count only one space. So how we can create spaces between words that we will learn in next chapters like &nbsp and pre formatted text chapters. If you want a break between lines of paragraph you can use br tag which we will also learn in next chapters.

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I have professional 10 years experience in Web Development, Web Designing, Graphics Designing, Video Editing & Composition, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Application Development, Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Marketing.