Joomla Installation in XAMPP Local Server

Joomla Installation XAMPP

Open Joomla downloads page from Joomla official website. You can download Joomla because it’s 100% free. In download page, you can see two options and these options are

  • Download Joomla
  • Upgrade Packages

So from the first option, we can download Joomla and second option we can download the package to update Joomla. One it’s downloaded you can see a zip file. So first extract the file and you will find another folder just rename this folder as Joomla. Copy this folder and paste in Xampp — htdocs folder. Now open your browser and type this

  • localhost/joomla

Remember before starting in the browser first open xampp control panel, then start Apache and MySQL. So after this when you type localhost/joomla in your browser, you can see configuration steps will start. There are three steps and these are

  • Configuration
  • Database
  • Overview

In configuration select your language first then in Main configuration type site name like company name then type the description for your website, this description will be about the overall website and type maximum 20 words. Then in superuser account details type your email then username, password and confirm administrator password. Site offline no by default, but you can change it to yes and can change later also.

Now database step has been started so open another tab in your browser and type this.

  • localhost/phpmyadmin

Then click on databases, here you can see create database field so type the name of your database and click on create. Like database name you can select joomla. Now open again database configuration step and database type is MySQLi by default, no need to change it, then Host Name is localhost by default, also no need to change this. Then in username type the database username which is always root in the local server and the password field blank. Then in Database name field type the name of the database, no need to change Table Prefix and then click Next.

Then in overview Joomla will show few options and these are

  • Finalization
  • Overview
  • Main Configuration
  • Database Configuration
  • Pre-Installation Check
  • Recommended Settings

In finalization, you can install sample data and in other options, you can see just details. Now click on install. It will take few seconds and you can see this message. Congratulations! Joomla! is now installed. Don’t forget to completely remove the installation folder. In this same screen, you can see option Remove installation folder. Just click on this button and it will show you the message, Installation folder successfully removed. Then you can see two options showing and these are

  • Site
  • Administrator

Right click on site and open in new tab you can see the front view of your website. Then click on administrator it will open localhost/joomla/administrator then type username and password it will open the control panel of Joomla. Congratulation, you have installed Joomla and now you can make a website in Joomla.

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