Lasso Tool in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to use Lasso Tool

Lasso tool is also for selection. With rectangular marquee tool, you can make square or rectangle selection, with elliptical marquee tool you can make oval or circle selection. But lasso tool is a random selection. You can select any random object by using this tool. Just draw a selection around the object this tool will select that particular object.

You can also use add to selection, subtract from selection or intersect with selection for more professional selection. For example, when we select any object with lasso tool we can see edges are not properly selected then we can use add to selection or subtract from selection.

Select and Mask

When you select the object now tool should be active than in options, you can see there is an option select and mask. Click here now you can see in right side few options there is one option Global Refinements in this you can see more options like

  • Smooth
  • Feather
  • Contrast
  • Shift Edge

Smooth will make the edges smooth so the selection will look now professional, the feather will add some blur in edges, the contrast will change the contrast of edges then click OK.

Thre is one more option on the top that is Transparency. So you can increase or decrease transparency it will make transparent other parts of the image, not selection.

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