Magic Wand tool in Adobe Photoshop

How to use Magic Wand tool in Photoshop

Magic wand tool is very powerful tool for the selection. In options you can see tolerance value is 32, you can increase or decrease this value according to selection area. Actually, this tool works very fast when you click on a color so this tool selects that color whole part (almost) or if you click any area of the image this tool selects that particular part. For example in the video below you can see there is an image of golden gate bridge. When I click on a part of sky so this tool selects some part. Now in the select option of menu, there are two options which we will discuss here these are

  • Similar
  • Inverse

So after one selection then click on the select option in the menu and then click similar so Adobe Photoshop will select the similar area in the image, so click again and select more area of sky. Once almost sky is selected now again click select option in the menu and then choose inverse, so inverse will select opposite part of the image. Right now the sky is selected but when you press inverse, it will select other parts of the image I mean now bridge and mountain are selected. Now you can copy and paste this bridge in another image.

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