Pages section and Create a New page in WordPress

Pages Section in WordPress

After the media, you can see next section is pages section on our WordPress dashboard. When you move your mouse cursor on pages you can see two more options appear and these are

  • All Pages
  • Add New

For instance, if you have installed a fresh WordPress on your computer using Xampp Local Server then in pages you can see only one page is there by default and that is Sample page. Same like post you can see four options with each and every page and these are

  • Edit
  • Quick Edit
  • Trash
  • View

When you click on add new so now you can see the title and the content box. So now type your page title in the box. Actually, what is the difference between posts and pages in WordPress? In posts, you can add articles relevant to the topic of your website and in pages, you can add content relevant to these topics like

  • About Company
  • Privacy Policy of your Website
  • Careers
  • Contact

So this type of content you can create in pages section. In the content of the page, you can see same formatting options which we have in posts section. But in pages in the right side, you can also see one option is the parent so you can also select a parent page for the content. For example, parent page is About and sub-page can be About Company or About Us. Template type depends on the theme so every theme offers different types of the template which you can select. You can also select a featured image for the page.

In quick edit, you can edit these things

  • Title
  • Slug
  • Date
  • Author
  • Password
  • Parent
  • Order Template
  • Allow Comments
  • Status
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