Panels in Dashboard of WordPress

Dashboard of WordPress

Now when you have installed WordPress in localhost now log in and then you can see WordPress dashboard same like this


dashboard of wordpress

Here in dashboard you can see few different panels or sections and these are

  • Welcome to WordPress
  • At a Glance
  • Quick Draft
  • Activity
  • WordPress Events and News

Welcome to WordPress

Here we can see few options and these are

  • Customize Your Site (You can customize your site from here)
  • Change your theme completely (Change theme of your website)
  • Write your first blog post (You can write a post here)
  • Add an About Page (First about page of your website)
  • View your site (You can view your site in browser)
  • Manage Widgets or Menus (You can manage sidebar widgets and menus navigation)
  • Turn comments on or off (comments enable or disable settings)
  • Learn more about getting started (learn more about WordPress)

At a Glance

In this section, you can see after installation 1 post, 1 page, and 1 comment. In new WordPress website, you can see this content which WordPress add automatically. So when you will add your next post so it will show 2 posts. We will actually delete the default post (Hello World) because we don’t want this post and same for the sample page. In short, you can see here how many posts, pages, and comments do you have for your website.

Quick Draft

Here you can see two fields and these are

  • Title
  • What’s on your mind?

So you can add an article here which will not actually publish it will save as a draft. So if you want to make a draft you can directly make from the dashboard of your WordPress website.


Here you can see what recently you have published and which comments you have recently approved. So stats of your recent activities you can see in this panel.

WordPress Events and News

Here you can see different links which automatically WordPress updates according to the latest news and updates.

Top Toolbar

On the top of the screen, you can see a toolbar in this toolbar on the right side you can see Howdy, admin if you move your mouse cursor where you can see dropdown three options, first two options are same and these are the admin, edit my profile after that you can see Log Out. On the left side of the toolbar you can see the title of your website when you move your mouse cursor where you can see Visit Site, so you can also visit your website from here. Then you can see one more option which is New, so if you move your mouse cursor where you can also see more drop-down options and these are

  • Post
  • Media
  • Page
  • User

So you can directly use these options from there also. After the top toolbar on the right side, you can see one option screen options. If you click there you will find that all panels of the dashboard are checked so if you don’t want to include them in your WordPress dashboard you can uncheck them.

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