Perspective Grid and Perspective Selection for Image in Adobe Illustrator

How to use Perspective Grid and Perspective Selection tool in Adobe Illustrator

Today in this post I will show you how you can use perspective grid and perspective selection tool for the image in Adobe Illustrator CC. I mean how you can place the image in the building using these tools. First of all open any building image in Adobe Illustrator, for this article I have used this image. See below.

Then select perspective grid tool and adjust the grid from bottom right and center right points so it should be like this.

Now create a rectangle shape with rectangle tool in the right grid, grid option should be set to the right. So it will be like this.

Now place any image. The image will be definitely in front of the rectangle layer. So first select rectangle shape then right click and then select arrange option and then bring to front. So it will be like this.

Then first select rectangle shape, press and hold the shift key on your keyboard and select image so both are selected. Then go to object option in the menu then select envelope distort and then click Make with top object. The image will be placed in the rectangle shape like this.

Now select perspective selection tool and hide the grid from the grid option.

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