Photoshop CC 3d Text Effects Tutorial

Photoshop CC 3d Tutorials

If you are searching for photoshop cc 3d tutorials then this one is best for you. Today i will explain how to apply professional 3d effects to your text layers in adobe photoshop. Open any image in software or make a new file and create a text layer type whatever you want, please see this image.

3D text


Now change workspace from essentials to 3D and apply “extrude to 3d” from type option in the menu. You can see both options in this image.

extrude to 3d

Photoshop 3D Mode

Now you can see in 3d Mode in options there are five options. From left these are

  • Rotate the 3d Object
  • Roll the 3d Object
  • Drag the 3d Object
  • Slide the 3d Object
  • Scale the 3d Object

You can view the image all five options are highlighted.

3d mode

If you will rotate the text layer so it will change like this.

rotate 3d

I have removed rotate option and now I will apply roll the 3d object option to text layer. After then you can see the effect will be like this.

roll 3d

Photoshop 3D Properties Panel

Same like you can drag, slide or scale the 3d object. Now if you see on your right side of the software there is properties panel just after the layers panel. In this panel, you can control lots of options for the 3d layer. You can apply shape preset, or you can increase or decrease extrusion depth. You can also change the text color in this panel. There are main options mesh, deform, cap, coordinates, and 3d paint. See in this image I have changed the color, shape preset and also I have increased the extrusion depth.

3d extrusion

Now if you click on deform you will find two more options twist and taper. See in this image I have increase both options.

3d twist and taper

3D Panel

There is one more panel and the name of this panel is 3d. There are four options and these are

  • Filter by: Whole scene
  • Filter by: Meshes
  • Filter by: Materials
  • Filter by: Lights

In this panel, you can also see different layers like here you can change front Inflation material, front bevel material, extrusion material, back bevel material, back inflation material and you can also control infinite light. Now I will change extrusion material plus let me change some infinite light options also. When you will click on extrusion material options will appear in properties panel and these options are.

  • Diffuse
  • Specular
  • Illumination
  • Ambient
  • Shine
  • Reflection
  • Roughness
  • Bump
  • Opacity
  • Refraction

Now you can see I have changed some options for extrusion and front material. Now the result is like this.

3d text in adobe photoshop

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