Polygonal Lasso Tool in Adobe Photoshop

How to use Polygonal Lasso Tool

Polygonal lasso tool can also be used to make selections. You can select objects or a particular part of the image. One thing you should always keep in your mind that when you are using adobe photoshop cc, caps lock in your keyboard should off. Otherwise, you will not able to work in the tool properly. So when you select this tool now click on the border of any object then draw a selection around the object.

For instance, if you make a mistake then normally we use Ctrl + Z for undo in adobe photoshop, but when a wrong step in the polygonal lasso tool selection tool then you will use backspace on your keyboard. Anytime if you want to skip the selection you can press Esc on your keyboard. In options, you can see some things like new selection, add to selection, subtract from selection and intersect with selection. Also, you can see select and mask. Feather should be 0 px in beginning. Later we can change, and Anti-Alias should be checked. This tool is a very old tool in adobe photoshop and most designers prefer this tool because this tool selects very professionally. So use this tool when you want to select any object perfectly.

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