Posts Section and How to Create a New Post in WordPress

Posts Section

After updates you can see there is posts section just click on posts and very first time you can see there is a post with the name “Hello World”. Actually when you install WordPress, by default WordPress make this post also. When you move your mouse cursor on the title of the post you can see four options will appear and these are

  • Edit
  • Quick Edit
  • Trash
  • Preview

In edit option we can edit this post, quick edit also gives few options which we can use to edit the post. If you want to delete the post then you can click on trash and if you want to see how your post will appear in the browser then you can click on preview. On top of the posts, you can see one option is appearing this option is Published so it shows how many posts you have published yet on your WordPress website. Because this post “Hello World” is a sample post and we don’t need this post, therefore, we will delete this post so when you click on trash you can see it will delete but this post will go into trash section which is appearing now with the Published option. So just click on the trash section now you can see the deleted post is showing there, now you can restore this post again in the published section or you can delete it permanently. So we will delete it permanently.

How to create a New Post

In posts sections you can see there are four options and these are

  • All Posts
  • Add New
  • Categories
  • Tags

In all posts, you can see the posts which you have published on your WordPress website. So just click on add new option you can see a new page will open which is “Add New Post“. You can see the first field where you can type the title of your first post. For example, you are creating a blog and you want to write your first post about Health so write the title “Ten foods for Best health”. Then after this, you can see a big box where you can write the content of your post. When you write the first post you can see there is one toolbar in the box which is for article formatting. In these options on the right side, there is an option which is Toolbar Toggle you can use keyboard shortcut key also which is Shift+Alt+Z it will show another toolbar which will extend the article formatting options. Now next time when you will create a new post this toolbar will automatically appear. So what exactly you can find in these toolbars. We can use headings in our content between paragraphs so just select any text and if you click on the paragraph section you can see here more options will appear so you can select one of them for heading. You can also apply bold or italic to your text. You can also use bulleted or numbered list in your content. Blockquote you can also use in your post. You can align your text according to your requirements like left, center or right. Just select any text and apply internal or external link to any webpage or website. You can remove link also. You can insert read more tag in your post also. If you want strikethrough or deleted text you can use this option. Sometimes we need a horizontal line in our content so we can use this. You can change the text color. You can paste as text. Use clear formatting to clear all formatting options. You can use special characters like copyright or registration symbol in your content even there are lots of character and symbols. You can increase or decrease the indent also in the paragraph. Undo and redo options are also there. If you click on the last option which is keyboard shortcuts so it will show you a list of keyboard shortcut keys which you can use when you are creating or designing a post. Above this text box there is an option which is Add media, so if you want to insert the image in your post or youtube video or if you want to make a gallery of images you can use this option. You can also create audio or video playlist. On the right side you can see there is a section which is Categories so you can use one of the previous categories, but here you are creating your first post about Health so write health in the category and click Add New Category. Now, this post will be under the health category. You will not use tags because tags are not good for Search Engine Optimization. On the right side, last option is for the featured image you can upload a featured image for this particular post which will appear no homepage with the title of the post. Sometimes it appears in the post when you open that specific post but we can hide this in the post. Which I will show you in the plugins section. Now when you have done all these things or right side you can see there is a button for Publish. So just click on the Publish and now refresh your home page of the website you can see this post is now on the homepage.

What is Quick Edit

Now in your WordPress dashboard if you click on the posts section you can see we have one post if you move your mouse cursor you can see there are options and one of them is quick edit as I explained about these options in the start of this post also. So when you click on quick edit you can see few options will appear now you can change the title of the specific post, you can change the slug of the post which will appear in the URL only use small letters and hyphens between the words in this section. Even you can change the published date also for the post. You can make a password also for the specific content, so when people will try to open the post in their browser it will not open until unless they will not type the password. You can change the category also. You can allow or disallow the comments and the pings. You can change the status of the post like from Published to Draft also and you can make this post sticky also.

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