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How to use Red eye Tool in Adobe Photoshop CC

Sometimes when we capture the image we can see red spot appears in the eye it can see in both eyes in the image. Now the question is how to remove these red spots in eyes. It’s very simple. Just open the image in adobe photoshop cc.  An example of red eyes image you can see below.

red eye

So open this image in photoshop then select the red eye tool. You can see on the left side in the tools panel.

red eye tool

Now in the options on top, you can see like this.

red eye tool options

Red eye tool Options

There are two options and these are

  • Pupil Size
  • Darken Amount

You can select pupil size according to the eye lens and you can select darken amount according to the color of the eye. If it is light then select 1% if it is dark then select 100%. Like here according to the top image, I will select 50% pupil size and 1% darken amount. Now just click on the red spot with red eye tool, you can see spot will disappear. Now you can see the image like this.

after red eye tool

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