Remove anything in images with Fill Photoshop

How to Remove Objects

If you want to remove anything like any object in the image, so how we can do it. Here I will show you how to remove objects in images. Because we have done lasso tool so you will select the object which you want to remove. You can find a video below of this article how I will remove the object in the image. For example, you have an image where you can see the tree with some background.

So, first select the tree with the lasso tool. Remember here you will select some extra area, not perfect object. Once you have selected the object now click on edit option in the menu and then click fill option or simply press Shift + F5 on your keyboard. Now you can see a box will appear where you can see few options. Like

  • Contents
  • Options
  • Blending

In contents, you can see we have few more options. Like

  • Foreground color
  • Background color
  • Color
  • Content-Aware
  • Pattern
  • History
  • Black
  • 50% Gray
  • White

Select Content-Aware option because here we need this, other options in next future lessons we will definitely discuss. But for now, to remove the object we need Content-Aware. Then Color Adaption should be checked. In blending, select mode normal and opacity 100% then click OK. You can see object has been removed and how beautifully adobe photoshop has designed the background according to the original background. Still, you can see the selection which you did with the lasso tool. So how to deselect the selection in adobe photoshop? For this, you can click select option in the menu and then select Deselect or simply press Ctrl + D on your keyboard. Now successfully you have removed the object from your image. With this method, you can remove any object in any image.

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