Use CSS Designer for Styles in Dreamweaver

Some people think that coding is tough especially in adobe Dreamweaver cc because they are new in this software. But today i will explain how you can easily apply CSS styles to HTML elements without typing the code. Your website or template will be ready within hours instead of days. So let’s start first type some HTML elements in your page and start style element after the title in head section. You can see this image.

css styles in adobe dreamweaver

CSS Designer

First create only one CSS style manually in style element. Then active CSS designer panel, click style in sources select HTML element in selectors and see the properties.

css styles with properties

Dreamweaver Properties Panel

In the properties panel, you can see the layout, text, border, background and more section. For instance, if you want to apply color, background color, text alignment, text transform, text decoration or any other CSS style to HTML text element then click text section.

css text properties

You can see all text CSS properties there select those styles which you want to apply. Like in this image you can see I have applied

color: #FF3538
font-family: Impact
text-align: center
text-decoration: underline;

css text box

Preview in Browser

Now press F12 on your keyboard because this is keyboard shortcut key in adobe Dreamweaver cc if you want to preview your work in the browser of your computer. See it will show the result.

css result in browser

Now I will apply some styles to paragraph div id one and to div id two.

paragraph css styles

You can see i applied the width to paragraph so now my paragraph width is 500 pixels. Some other styles I applied to div id one you can see background color of this div box is green and border color is red with 5 pixels width and groove style. Same you can also apply some styles to div id two. So if you use this professional method in adobe Dreamweaver cc easily you can design your web page.

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