Use of Move Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Move Tool

The Very first tool of adobe photoshop is move tool. You can just click on this tool and it will activate. Or just press V on your keyboard it will start working. There is much use of this tool. For example when you place an image using file and place embedded or place linked in your document, how to place an image in the document you can see in the Interface and how to Start Tutorial. So when you can see an image in the document, now you can see transform controls around the image with some points and these points are called anchor points. By selecting top right anchor point or any anchor point you can change the size of the image. But when you are changing the size you can see it’s not proportionally. So if you want to change from all sides of the image then press and hold shift and change the size. Now you can see image size is changing proportionally. Then press enter.

You can move the objects anywhere in the document with the move tool. Now place another image with the same method. So now you have two images in your document. In adobe photoshop when we create a new document we can see background layer in the layer panel. This panel you can find on the right side. Now when you have placed two images you can see two more layers. So when you select the first image now try to move the image in the document you will notice it’s moving but when you try to move another image which layer is not selected you will find it’s not moving. So which layer is selected you can play with that specific layer. But when you are using move tool in top options we can see some options. The very first option is there Auto Select. By default it’s unchecked. You can check this option, now when you try to move any object in the document with move tool without the selection of the layer you can see the object is moving.

When you place the image as I explained about the transform controls so after pressing the enter key you can see transform controls will disappear. So anytime if you want to change the size of the image then in the options of move tool there is one option called Show Transform Controls. By default, this is also unchecked. So you can check this option. Now, whenever you select any object you can see transform control with the object. You can also drag and drop the object from one tab to another tab.

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