WordPress Installation Steps in XAMPP Server

We have discussed about the installation of xampp server now today i will show you how to install wordpress in your computer with xampp server. These steps are very easy if you follow my steps you will able to use wordpress without internet connection. Once you will complete your website then you can publish online. When you are creating your website in wordpress through xampp server no one can see what are you creating or editing in your website. Installing wordpress locally or install wordpress windows is easy to learn. First of all download wordpress from https://www.wordpress.org. You can see in the image where is the download button in wordpress official website.

download wordpress

Now you will find a zip folder in your downloads folder. Extract the folder, for extract purpose you need winrar software. After extract you will see another folder with same name open that folder inside this you will find another folder with name “wordpress”. Now copy the folder and then open xampp folder and then htdocs folder which you can find inside xampp main directory. Paste wordpress folder inside this htdocs folder, if you have already another wordpress installation then you can rename folder first. Like in my computer i have already wordpress in xampp so i have renamed the folder. So when i open this link localhost/new this link is redirecting to ” http://localhost/new/wp-admin/setup-config.php “. This is basically setup configuration step.

wordpress setup configruation

Select your language and click on continue button. Then next step will ask you about some information on database.

database step wordpress

Now open localhost/phpmyadmin in your browser, click on databases link and create a new database.

database phpmyadmin

Now go back to wordpress setup configuration step and click on ” Let’s Go ” button. In next step you can see five fields and these are.

  • Database name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Database Host
  • Table Prefix

You can fill these fields like this.

wordpress database xampp

Then click submit button if you have follow the instructions and steps as i described then you will see this page.

wordpress installation

Now you should click on ” Run the install ” button. Now fill in the information in the fields as you can see below.

wordpress installation steps

Now click on ” install WordPress ” button. Now a new page will appear when you can see ” Success ” wordpress has been installed and now you can login to your wordpress website dashboard.

wordpress final step

Now whenever you want to login just start xampp server and type in your browser ” localhost/foldername/wp-admin “. In my case folder name is ” new ” so i can open ” localhost/new/wp-admin ” then type username and password. Congratulations you have professionally installed wordpress in your computer through xamppserver.

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