Working with Comments or Discussions in WordPress

Comments Section in WordPress

After pages section, we can see the next section is Comments Click on comments you can see there is one comment in Hello World post if you have installed a fresh WordPress, but if you have a running old website you can see more comments. There are total five options in comments and these are

  • All
  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Spam
  • Trash

In all section, definitely, you can see all comments then in pending how many pending comments in your WordPress website, then how many you have approved and if you think the comment is not relevant to the topic of your content then you can send it to spam or trash. Then from spam or trash, you can restore it or you can delete it permanently. When you move your mouse cursor on any comment you can there are total six options and these are

  • Approve
  • Reply
  • Quick Edit
  • Edit
  • Spam
  • Trash

When you approve the comment then the option will change to Unapprove so anytime if you want you can Unapprove the comment also. If you click on quick edit you can edit the content of the comment. Name, email and URL you can also change. If you click on edit same editing options you can do here. Remember in on-page search engine optimization, comments are very good. But it should be relevant to the content of your page, post or website.

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