Working with Media in WordPress

Media Section in WordPress

After posts section, we have media in WordPress dashboard. When we are creating a post and if we add an image using Add media button just above the article formatting toolbar. The image appears in our post. But actually it also saves in Media section, so if we login to our WordPress dashboard any time in the future from any computer the image will appear in Media. When you move mouse cursor on Media you can see there are two options and these are

  • Library
  • Add new

So when you add the image using post editor it automatically saves in Library. But you can also use add new option to add the image to media. Then in future anytime you can use that image. Click on add new, then click on select files button and select your file from the computer like an image, WordPress will add the image to Media Library. When you add the image don’t forget to use Alt Text and description for the image. Because these things are very good for on-page search engine optimization.  If you use Alt Text for the image then for instance, if any user is not able to view the image just because of slow internet connection that user can see Alt Text and when users search in search engines with any keyword they can find your image in the images section if you are using description for the image. If you want to delete the image just click on the image it will open one window, in last of this window you can see three options and these are

  • View attachment page
  • Edit more details
  • Delete Permanently

Just click on delete permanently it will delete permanently. If you want to delete more than one image then in media section you can see one button, which is showing Bulk Select. Just click on that button now you are able to select multiple images, so select more than one image than two options will appear and these are

  • Cancel Selection
  • Delete Selected

If you want to cancel these multiple selections because if you have changed your mind like you don’t want to delete the images then click cancel selection or if you are sure that you want to delete multiple images then after selection click on delete selected.

Click on the image and then click on Edit image then you can scale the image, it will show you the original dimensions you can also apply new dimension. You can also crop the image using image crop aspect ratio.

In media there is also a search box, if you want to edit any previous image then search media items in search box with the keyword.

When you are adding the image you can see it shows you are using the multi-file uploader you can switch to the browser uploader. So if you want to add the image, if you want to delete one or multiple images so use all these methods which I explained above.

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