Working with Shapes in After Effects CC

Types of Shapes

Before starting shapes the question is how many types of shapes we can find in adobe after effects. The answer is 5 and these are

  • Rectangle Tool
  • Rounded Rectangle Tool
  • Ellipse Tool
  • Polygon Tool
  • Star Tool

You can find these tools with Pan Behind (Anchor Point) tool.

shapes in after effects

Rectangle Tool

If you want to design a rectangle shape then use this tool. If you press and hold shift tool will create a square and without shift, it will create a rectangle.

Fill and Stroke

You can see on top of the screen fill and stroke. Fill can use to fill the color inside of shape and stroke can use for border or outline color. If you click on fill text you will find four options

  • None
  • Solid Color
  • Linear Gradient
  • Radial Gradient

If you click on none so there will be no color in the shape. Solid color means you can select any color. Linear and Radial gradient these are two types of gradients. After fill text you will find a box if you click on that box then you can apply color or gradient. Same steps we can use for stroke.

Rounded Rectangle

After rectangle tool we have rounded rectangle tool, activate this tool and design a rounded rectangle shape. If you want to change the size of radius then during designing of shape use up arrow and down arrow on your keyboard. Up arrow will increase the size of the radius and down arrow will decrease the size of the radius. Then you can apply fill and stroke to shape.


Ellipse tool can use to create ellipse or circle shape. If you press and hold shift during designing of shape it will create a proper circle but without shift, it will create an ellipse shape.

Polygon Tool

Polygon tool can use to design a polygon shape, during the design of shape you can use up arrow and down arrow so you can design polygon with different sides. Like you can also design a triangle with this tool.

Star Tool

Star tool you can use to design a star shape, same during the design of the shape you can use down arrow and up arrow to increase or decrease the sides. You can change fill and stroke colors as well.

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