VS Code Tutorial

What is Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code, developers also called this software VS Code, is an open-source and free code editor. Microsoft developed this amazing platform. Due to the simplicity of this software, it’s highly recommended and popular in the community of developers. A number of extensions enhance the functionality. It’s available for different operating systems.

Key Features of VS Code

Intelligent Code Editing

Visual Studio Code offers incredible features like intelligent suggestions, code autocompletion, and checking of errors. This will make your coding more professional and you will not face a number of errors. 

Customizable Interface

The user interface of VS Code is really customizable. You can easily adjust layouts, extensions, and themes according to your requirements and preferences. 

Integrated Terminal

Using the integrated terminal of VS Code you can run the scripts and command-line tasks directly within the editor. 

Version Control Integration

This also supports the integration of Git, so you can easily manage and apply the changes to your code repositories.


The community has created a high number of professional extensions. These extensions can be installed to add support for various languages, tools, and frameworks. 

Debugging Tools

According to the multiple programming languages, you can use powerful debugging tools and these tools will help you to identify and resolve the errors in your code.