What is a WordPress theme and what a Theme can do

 What is a WordPress theme and what a Theme can do

We can find a number of stylesheets and templates in a WordPress theme that is exactly responsible for the layout and professional visual design of a WordPress website. We can present the content of our website as a template. The content can include images, text and other media like videos.

Below you can read some extraordinary key aspects of a WordPress theme can do:

Layout and Design

We can control the layout of our website using themes. It is very easy to arrange the elements including headers, sidebars, footers and content areas. Even we can also find options relevant to typography, color scheme and overall the style of virtual.


Almost every theme of WordPress offer incredibly professional options for the customization so it allows you to change fonts, colors and other elements of design to match the preferences of your brand. For easy adjustments you can find build-in customization options and these options can less or extra as per the theme. Definitely, paid themes offers more options comparatively to free themes.

Responsive Design

Latest themes are designed as per the requirements of responsive view, meaning they can open without overlapping of the content in different devices including Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. So you can make sure the website look will be good and functions will work properly on all platforms.

Widgets and Sidebars

Modern themes come in the market with predefined sidebars and widget areas so you can easily add widgets like categories, search bars, recent posts, calendar, archives and more. This allows you to customize the functionality of your site and presentation of the content.

Page Templates

A number of themes included different page templates like grid, blog, full width, one column, two columns, etc. So you can choose as per your requirements while you are creating pages. This will give you flexibility in how you display the content.

Post Formats

Just like page templates you can also find post formats in approximately all themes of WordPress. These formats can be standard, video, audio, gallery and more. This allows you to create professionally engage and diverse content.


You can integrate these WordPress themes without different extensions and plugins that will definitely enhance the functionality of your Website. For instance a few themes are optimized for e-commerce business and some are designed for personal portfolios and blogs.

SEO Optimization

A lot of themes are designed as per the requirements of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So this will help you to increase the visibility of your website and rankings in different search engines.


The developers of professional themes update them regularly to ensure the safety and security of your website. You will find the latest updates available regarding themes in your WordPress dashboard, just make sure to save a backup of your entire website before updating the theme. Because the compatibility of your theme with WordPress in terms of design is necessary before any kind of updating.


These themes also can impact the loading speed and overall performance of your website. If developers has developed and designed the theme professionally in terms of performance, this will allow browsers to open your website within few seconds.

Documentation and Support

When you download the premium theme, you also find a folder of documentation. So these themes also provide extensive documentation and support for the customers. They help the users to set up and customize the website effectively.

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